Our Vision

Our Vision

Edgewood Homes has recently shifted much of its focus and resources from building large and beautiful homes and cottages on the big lakes of Muskoka, to building in-town communities.

Taking a unique approach to subdivision development, Edgewood spends time looking at where there is a local need and focusing on creating a community with a very clear sense of itself.

We listen, and work for ongoing improvement

Starting with a general concept, we establish a very clear picture by talking to owners, and neighbours about what they like, or would improve if they started from scratch in their own community.

Through careful research, our newest community Highcrest has incorporated several suggestions, as a direct result of learning about our demographics needs and their wants.  Some of these elements include:

  • Visitor Parking
  • More open streetscape, with wider roads and longer driveways
  • Allowances for outdoor personalization
  • Extra height basements
  • Quality Base finishes

Philosophy of Active Living

It is not uncommon for the concept of Active living to be tossed around, since it sounds good, and is generally appealing to many people.  At Edgewood Homes, we don’t use the term lightly, it is part of our core philosophy while building.

Our Highcrest development is a prime example of our commitment to promoting appropriate activity.  As a transitional living community, the needs for our owners are unique, so we’ve tailored our plan to reflect this. Taking into consideration that trails through nature are the #1 park feature that increases senior activity, and outdoor fitness equipment can increase activity levels by ~20%, one of the highlights of Highcrest is an integrated outdoor activity circuit. With a section of nature trail, outdoor exercise equipment, and bench stops for resting and/or fitness stops, the activity circuit is a highly anticipated feature of the community.

Selections and Upgrades

With high quality base finishes in all our homes and condos, it’s easy to have a personalized home while keeping the upgrade costs to a minimum. Supported by a full catalogue of available upgrades during the sales process, our team works hard to ensure there are no unpleasant cost surprises.

Having a local Muskoka showroom, keeps travel to a minimum, and noncommissioned sales staff ensures zero pressure and an opportunity to access our full administrative team for support throughout the process.

Legacy Local Builder

Although Edgewood’s Founder David Goodfellow does come from a family of builders, he has devoted himself to creating a legacy of his own.  As a local company with permanent ties to the region, our after-care is a huge priority to the team. Our underlying objective for everything we do is to ensure our owners feel cared for and supported.  The idea that our team is not going anywhere gives many a sense of comfort, and that as locals we are neighbours and even friends.

Ethical, helpful, and caring are not the standard buzz words for the average home builder.  But at Edgewood they reflect who we are at every step of the way. Paired with unquestionable quality and aesthetics, one would be hard pressed to find a superior builder or more thoughtful communities than those produced by our team.